So…. it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post on here it was summer time and there is just no time to blog.
Last time I made a post I talked about a new turbo I picked up for my car … well that sat around all sumer. I kinda stopped working on the car focused on getting back into bmx once my collar bone and collapsed lung healed went on a few road trips including one out to tofino.
The rest of the bmx season went well, with my first couple races being slow and timid as the collar bone still limited me quickly turned into winning races again. My once large points lead had left me in 8th in the local club with everyone ahead of me coming out to every race. As the season went on and came closer to an end there were some good battles in the 21-25 cruiser class most coming down to the last corner. I was able to for the first time in my bmx career place #1 in my age group provincially and just squeezed in for a top 5 in the local series.

Come september it was time to start working on the car again and with that I set off to repair the rust on my black legacy. That little job turned into a huge 6 week process once I found out how far the rust had penetrated due to some stupid repairs the previous owner had done. I decided it would be easier just to buy a rust free shell and swap everything. The next weekend I found a 1993 subaru legacy wagon non turbo but still all wheel drive for cheap and was pretty clean other then a few dents here and there.

Six weeks of working every day till 11pm or later on the car swapping motor, wiring harness, front cross member, brakes, suspension, interior, tranny, bumpers, hood, wheels, new turbo, new intercooler, new paint and so much more the car is finally done …. just in time for winter 😦
Here are some pics of the car as she sits now check out my car page to see a full spec of the car


Some New Stuff

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Trying out new theme for the blog. Not too sure if I like it so let me know.
Just picked up a new turbo for the wagon and have a line on a set of better heads for it as well, just got heal up so I can actually work on the car.

So what do you do when you blow the motor in your Corolla? You step up your game like Ryan is doing

Holy I’m Bored

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So sitting here in the hospital bed waiting to hear back from xrays . Took a tumble on the bmx track yesterday . Broken collar bone and collapsed lung along with numerous cuts and scrapes . My main concern is being off the bike for two months while I’m leading club points but I should be riding for the provincial finals in September

Shawn over at Drift Union posted up the first teaser into what they have shot for this year’s video already. This should be an awesome video with new camera equipment including a couple gopro HD’s and a Canon T2i and some new equipment on the cars as well.


Some people build crazy things .. this is one of them


Evergreen Drift

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